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      The folks I work for are new to videography and so am I. We’re going to start capturing our own video, doing mostly interview style shooting and possibly some indoor event coverage. We’re looking for quality good enough for tv (b roll)but will mostly be on the web. What kind of equipment should we buy? Are there kits we can buy that include lights etc?

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      Hey CMarion,

      Here’s some info that might help:

      Camera: look for a 3CCD MiniDV camcorder that has audio inputs and gain controls (Canon XL2, GL2; Panasonic AG-DVC20, AG-DVC30, AG-DVC60; Sony VX2100) Virtually any professional 3CCD camcorder is TV quality or better. (will run anywhere from $800 to $4000)

      Lights: look for a basic fluorescent lighting kit (check out a great choice of Fluorescent Lighting kits.

      Audio: check out the Pro Audio department at B&H and look for a mid-range shotgun mic or lavalier mic kit. ($200-400)

      Hope this helps,


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      Thanks for the answer. I will look into your recommendations.


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