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      I have an Epson Perfection 2580. It has been great. Press a button and photo is on my computer. It is fairly new, about 6 months old.

      Tonight I started scanning photos for my next Studio 9 project. The first few were great. Then all of a sudden each photo went onto my computer with red streaks, and when imported into Elements it looked like the scan was reading the whole document table and not just the photo (the photo would be sitting at the top of the scanned image with colored lines streaming down from the photo, as if bleeding; rest of scanned image is while background).

      I got out my manual and tried all the troubleshooting recommendations. None helped.

      I doubt it is a defective product because it was just working beautifully! (The only thing I did that was different was place a colored sheet of paper behind multiple photos to scan multiples simultaneously into Photoshop Elements. I abandoned that for unrelated reasons.)

      If you can offer suggestions or possible websites for me to study, I will be so grateful. (Sorry for length of message). :'( πŸ˜•

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      I’ve been using Epson scanners for years and it has been my experience that the scanner is shot when you start seeing the red lines/streaks in your images. Unfortunately they can go bad at any time without any reason or warning — pretty much like anything else associated with a computer.

      Give the suggestions Hank gave you a try — you might luck out. Since the scanner is only 6 months old, you definitely need to give Epson a call since they offer a 1 year warranty on their stuff. I’ve not had any problems getting printers or scanners replaced by them when the product was under warranty, even on refurbs purchased directly from them.

      Good luck!

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      Thanks to both of you. Next stop, Epson.

      Epson 1200? I’ll look into that.

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