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      Hi – I’m looking for an inexpensive Printer for my DVD labels. I’ve had some problems with discs “freezing” while playing when I have used a “stick-on” label. I have looked at the Epson R280. Does anyone have an opinion about this product?


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      I just bought the Epson Artisan 700. It is a multi function unit that prints direct to cd/dvd. I have only printed 1 dvd with it so far but I was very pleased with the quality of the print. I bought it directly from the epson store they were running a special for $149 and free shipping. Normal price is $199.

      One other great feature is that it is networkable either wired or wireless.

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      Sorry I just re-read your post and you were looking for opinions on the R280. I don’t have any history with it.

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      it is a fine printer. with epson you’ll find many of the bargian printers are excellent printers, just slower than thier more expensive models.

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      I have the R220 and the Artisan 800. The R220 is closing in on 2 years of reliable performance; especially for the inkjet printable discs. The 800 prints stellar discs but uses more “hi def” ink. I still rely on the R220 to print inserts and discs. I would recommend staying away from the adhesive labels. The “Freezing” is due to the label heating up while spinning and it pulls in on the edges of the disc giving you read errors. I also use a product called CD/DVD Guard ( It is a waterproof spray to protect the printed side of the disc. They make water proof discs but I bought a boatload of Ritek’s on sale.


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