EPIC animated music video with colossal a stage all for 75

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      This is a Music Video Created for the band “Open Party”.

      Created and directed by Ben Daure

      Illustrations by Tom Box

      Music – Open Party “Exit_Plan” http://www.myspace.com/openpartyuk

      The video is about a colony of resisters living under the power of
      the evil computer chips. Life is depressing, repetitive and
      meaningless. After, a lone resister discovers the horrifying secret of
      their existence which triggers a violent revolution.

      This video was originally going to be very minimalist, however I
      kept thinking that it wasn’t epic enough after each shot so I expanded
      again and again until eventually it became ridiculously complex to
      make. I made the whole animation inside of after effects, I also made
      the Giant stage and the light show inside of after effects too. It took
      2 months to create the video from the first idea to the finished thing,
      but it was brilliant fun to make

      See more at http://www.grape-productions.com

      Copyright Grape Productions / Open Party UK 2010

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      Interesting – Reminded me of “Soylent Green”.

      Music was good, although I must admit not being able to understand most of it (could be my speakers).

      Video production was very good IMHO.

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      Just plain awesome.

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      Thank you very much for the feedback fellas it is greatly appreciated, i’m really glad to get such a positive reaction from this.

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