EOS 5D Mark II to shoot Wedding Videos and More?

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      In search of a new camera/camcorder. I typically shoot wedding videography, family events, meetings, etc. Would like to venture into short films soon.

      Wondering if the EOS 5D MarkII would be a good selection to shoot 4+ hours of wedding festivities and other events or should I be considering something else?

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      I shoot Weddings with a Canon 60d with a couple of Panasonic SD900’s for additional angles. The Canon requires a lot of work and the ability to manually focus on the fly. Additional kit is recommended. The Canon 5d mark ii is I understand a superb camera and I’ve met some Wedding Videographers who use it very successfully. Moire is a real problem for me, and I tend to use the Panasonic for outside shots where there is a lot of detail (brick buildings being the prime culprit). Additionally some of the men’s jackets can produce it too, and for that reason the news of the Canon 5d mark iii’s with bold claims of less moire and artifacts in the video has got me very interested, along with the longer recording times (29 minutes to the mark ii’s 10-12) and I’ll probably upgrade to that camera this year.

      However as long as you practise beforehand, I don’t see a problem using the Mark ii, but have a secondary camera as backup and for setting up as a safety camera.



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      I recommend the Panasonic GH2. It is a large sensor interchangeable lens camera that has essentially no shot-ruining moire and no video recording time limit. At $1000 with kit lens, it is a lot less expensive than either a $2200 body-only 12 minute 5DmkII, ora $3500 body-only 5DmkIII that hasn’t been released yet. And it is available right now, not in late March.

      Cheers and good luck with your decision,


      Hybrid Camera Revolution

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      I’m shooting on a Canon T3i as my second camera for weddings and have so far been very pleased. Its on-camera microphone even serves as a surprisingly adequate back up audio source and saved me when an audio cable on my wireless got glitchy.

      To get around the file length limitations I’m using a traditionalfullHD camcorder with AVCHD to get the full length of the ceremony. I run my wireless mic into this one. It has on the fly audio controls.

      You should white balance the two cameras – don’t necessarily trust the screen to eyeball them. You’ll probably do a little color correction in post anyway.

      I about had a heart attack when I stepped into the room where my last wedding was taking place. It was VERY dark, lit only by a few dimmed fourescent tubes in fixtures up on a VERY high ceiling and some white Christmas lights. But the T3i did remarkably well. The color exceeded my other camera with the smaller chip. Theburgandy colorswere especially good looking.

      And the 5D would only be better.

      So if you want to get into short films and you’re a Canon person like I am, any one of the camera’s in their line from the T3i to the 5D mkiii will do the job of a secondary wedding camera and a primary film camera (plus take amazing stills.) After all, there’s a reason the producers of ‘Act of Valor’ used 5Ds exclusively. I’ve used the 5D for a short film and it looks VERY good.

      If budget is a concern as it was for me, strongly consider the T3i. It would do everything you want cheaper than the 5D with a slightly smaller chip which leaves a 1.6 crop factor to deal with (get shorter lenses.) If not, go all the way and get yourself the latest and greatest 5D mkiii.

      Now, don’t get me wrong, there are other capable cameras out there. The GH2 is good. But it’s a micro 4/3 so if you NEED the shallow DoF the 5D offers thenthat must be considered. Nikon also has some new releases into the HDSLR field but I don’t know much about them.

      Remember, buying an HDSLR isn’t like buying a fixed lens camcorder. Consider your investment in glass every bit as much as you consider your camera.

      But if you plan to shoot on ONLY an HDSLR for weddings without a second camera in the mix, you HAVE to consider how long any single shot can be. I think the mkiii comes in at 29:29 while my T3i comes in at 12 minutes if memory serves. If it’s your second camera and you can match it up reasonably well you’re golden.

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      Thanks all for the insight!

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