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      The above is a video I made for an environmental project at my school. It combines some 3-D animation in Lightwave and 2-D animation done with photoshop.

      Any comments or suggestions for improvement are welcome. In addition, for some reason the audio falls out of sync at the very end, and I cannot explain this. But let it be known that that was not the intended method of viewing this video.


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      This was a really humorous take on a serious topic, and I think that makes it very engaging as a whole.

      I liked the way you transitioned form the 3d graphics to the 2d work. It really captured the look and feel of the rpgs it is based on.

      I would suggest doing a little work on the initial voice over. It sounds a little flat and hollow to me. I would also recommend.some work on the ending text treatment to make it more engaging.

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