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      Anyone here dabble withfreelance ENG for local news networks? I havent been able to find any resources on this through google or anywhere else for that matter. Do networks pay good for news footage? How would you get started in this?


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      If you’re in the US, up front your best shot is to get on a local TV news crew. If they’re looking for folks at all, they’ll bring you on as a ‘stringer’ (part-time or freelance). If they figure they can work with you they’ll bring you on as a regular cameraman. To ‘string’ for the networks you’re going to have to build up your reel by shooting news stories. Note that there’s a big difference between ENG shooting, Videography and Video-Cinematography. ENG shooting is ‘cut and dry’ so to speak. Rarely do you have ‘beauty shots’. It’s all shot very basic. Now that said, you still have to have well focused, composed and exposed shots and you’ll have to show you can do all that on the fly.

      Problem is these days, the networks are starting to use ‘i-reporter’ amateur video because it’s more immediate and amatuers can’t seem to understand that they should be paid for their videos which the networks don’t. On the bright-side, with the ease of video blogging these days, many people are getting into the business via the internet. Sounds easier that it actually is, but it’s definitely an option.

      So your dilemma is you’ll need to build up a reel, network with camera persons and producers in the news industry in order to ‘break into the biz’. Not impossible, just harder than it used to be. Hope that points you in the right direction.

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