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      Is it appropriate to place “bloopers” at the end of a entertainment-style video?

      The ending royalty-free music is too long for my ending credits, so I inserted some bloopers to fill up time.

      I really like the ending music and I don’t want to stop it earlier.

      However, The video is not a comedy.

      Thoughts or comments?

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      That’s up to you.

      My first film was intended to be an action movie. My friend put bloopers in seperately on the DVD. The movie ended up being a really bad comedy and the bloopers fit right in!

      It’s probably a better idea than a movie I saw once where they just kept redoing credits for the same four person cast/crew over again until the end of the song. Very boring.

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      Therearea lot of movies that putingagtakes attheend ofthe credits or duringthe credits (liketo the side).

      Of course,in my opinion,there’s no wrong wayto make yourfilms,so if you wanttodoit,go right ahead! πŸ™‚

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      If I have good bloopers, I usually will include them. Bloopers might not be appropriate if the video concerns a funeral or a very serious subject. Let common sense rule.

      With that said, here is a tip – the audience usually will not remember how the music started but they will remember when it ends. When I have music that is slightly longer than the clip or event that I’m supporting with music, I line up the end of the music with the end of the clip or event. I then fade in the music at the beginning of the clip.

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      If the music is longer than the end credits trim it reasonably to make the music shorter (just make sure it makes musical sense) or make the credits slower so that they end when the music ends. Also, if you can do anything with graphics you could do some fancy stuff or maybe caricatures of your characters interacting (check out some of the stuff PIXAR does in their credits).

      But in agreeing with many other posters, I’m woudn’t do bloopers unless it is appropriate- a comedy would be a good case, but I’m not sure what you mean by “entertainment-style” because depending on your taste, there are many definitions of what “entertaining” is. Depending on who you are showing this to though, doing bloopers after something in which it may not be appropriate may seem very unprofessional.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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