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      I cannot seem to figure out what is wrong. When I preview my work, it
      goes from 0;00;00 to 0;40;00 which is the end of the duration. For
      some reason it is not going by each second. I even tried doing a new
      project and still the same issue. This is encore 2.0. Please help.

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      Just so everyone knows, the buttons are animated and I have tried both Render>Motion Menu and Render>Project but still no difference.

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      I am not sure what ENCORE 2 looks like, I use CS3, but I have learned to NOT use the ‘override’ option anywhere. I have also stopped using ‘end action’ as well. So if version 2 has any of those options, and you used them, remove them and check preview again. The CS3 version does an incredible amount by itself – without fiddling – but the options are tempting to use.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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