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      Anyone have any ideas why my overrides in my scenes in my scene menu won’t work? My timeline overrides are "not set" and my scene overrides are set to link back to the appropriate scene menu buttons. The show plays fine going from timeline to timeline. The scene menu buttons play the correct scenes okay but at the end of the scene the next scene on the timeline plays instead of returning to the scene menus button according to the override I set. My clips were edit in Avid Xpress and encoded in Procoder. Any ideas will be appreciated. Jim

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      Encore 2.0 supports "exiting" at chapter marks, meaning if you enter the timeline at chapter 6, you can exit at chapter 7. If you have any version earlier than 2.0, you can’t do it. It will enter at whatever chapter and play till the end of the timeline. Where the video was edited and/or transcoded is not the issue here.

      I use Encore 1.5. I don’t know the exact procedure in 2.0 to accomplish exiting at chapter marks but I do know for a fact that 2.0 (and up) allows exiting at chapter marks. I think it involves the use of playlists. Maybe someone else with 2.0 can explain it better than me. I hope this helps (a little)!

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      Thanks, kkmac. I’ve discovered that my problem is one of the limitations of Encore 1.0. It’s only possible to use "override" to return to a scene menu for the last scene on a time line. So each scene to be viewed via a scene selection sub-menu needs to be on a separate timeline. Newer versions have capabilities like playlists and chapter end actions which is what I need. Upgrade time. Jim

Viewing 2 reply threads
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