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      I have been importing videocreated on Pre. pro into Encore DVD for authoring and DVD output, However recently I have discovered thet some parts of my final video on DVD have their audio portions either too hot(distorting) or too low. Does anyone out there know of a tool that will even out the audio levels before DVD creation?
      I have also ran into a new problem today, trying to output DVD in Encore DVD. I keep running into “Invalid request time-DVD Error 19004” after waiting close to 7 hours for the transcode process. I am trying to transcode at 4×3 format, 4MB High quality 2 pass. Any suggestions on overcoming this?
      Also finally, is there some setting that can reduce transcode time and not compromise video quality for standard NTSC DVD creation? My average transcode time is 8 hours for a 2hour DVD, on a new 3.2ghz 1g RAM 500gigHD PC. Any suggestions will be highly apreciated.

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      When exporting from Premiere Pro, export video as an MPEG 2 (m2v) and Wav for audio ( Elementary Stream) using Adobe Media Encoder.

      In the settings under Multiplexer select none.

      Import the video and audio stream into Encore and you want have to trancode the video just the audio from wav to AC3 Dolby Digital.

      This will save you some time, Encore want transcode the video unless you clip the ends.

      I would also suggest CBR single pass

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