Encore DVD Pre-Menu Clip Question

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      I’m not sure how to search this so forgive me if it’s a topic that’s already been covered (and can you direct me to it, if it has?).

      I am putting together a DVD with 6 chapters, but before people can see the menu, I’d like to have an introduction play first. (Like on movie DVDs where they make you watch the FBI warnings.) That way they will see it before they jump to the specific chapters. I’d also really like to have a "credits" chapter at the end that plays at the end of each chapter if the user doesn’t choose to watch the video straight through.

      I’m using Encore DVD 2.0… is this something it can handle, and if so, how?



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      Thanks. I found "First Play" but i am a little confused as to what to do next. I’m sure it has to do with timelines and putting the menu in second.

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      The timeline that you choose as a first play (FBI warning, etc) has a set of attributes you can change.
      One of these is the end action. Set the end action of that timeline to be your main menu.
      What do you mean by credits chapter? It seems to me like you could make the credits be a chapter of its own that the user can select from the main menu if they want to see them instead of having to see them every time they see some other chapter.
      Good luck with it.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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