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      I am *so* close to finishing up my first DVD in Encore CS3. Everything works OK, with one exception: on my settings menus, after selecting Audio or Subtitle options, it immediately returns to the beginning of the current timeline/chapter. I would prefer it to return to the settings menu, and use my Resume button to resume the video from the moment playing before going into the Settings menu, instead of returning to the very beginning of the timeline/chapter. (I’m not sure which it is doing, since the timeline only has one chapter.) Override options do not seem to be working correctly (or I’m not using them correctly).


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      Hi Kardston,

      Like yourself I was hoping someone would answer your question. I posted a few things I found out about ENCORE recently. I do not know the answer to your question but what I did recently realize about ENCORE (I use CS3) is that it needs far less direction than I thought. I may be doing the same thing as you soon so I am interested in knowing if/when you get what you wanted. If you haven’t figured it out, maybe the following suggestion will help. Remove ALL, every one, of the chapter ends and overides (both) and see how it works. I really do mean from the whole project. Then add the single one you think you need and try the preview. Remove it and try something else (sorry, no suggestion what).

      I had all sorts of weird stuff going on until I removed all of the stuff I thought I needed and let ENCORE do it’s work.


Viewing 1 reply thread
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