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      Well, a rather simple (hopefully) question about Adobe Encore. I am using version 1.5, and been a tad perplexed on how to get a button to link to sound only, no timeline, for the use of "audio samples".

      Basically, so someone can just hear a quick audio clip. This feels like it should be a simple proceedure, but I am still unable to link a button to just a sound clip, unless its attached to a timeline. Am I doing something wrong? Wrong sound format?? (they are wav. files)

      thanks for your time and help! 😀

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      There is a sneaky way to do it since there is no real way. Use the concept and adjust accordingly.

      1. Make your menu exactly how you want it. Don’t link anything yet.
      2. Copy this menu as many times as you have songs/samples. (5 songs = 5 menus).
      3. Create 1 more menu. This one will serve as "no sound", and probably first play/default.
      4. Link each song to there own menu. NOT a button but as menu music. Menu 1 gets song 1, menu 2 gets song 2, etc.
      5. Link the buttons to the correct menu. Example, if button 3 is pressed, it jumps to menu 3 and song 3 plays. Do this on all menus.
      6. Set your end action for each menu. This can be different depending on what you want. If you want them to play one after each other, set the end action to the next menu. If you want the music to stop, set it for the menu with no sound. You can even add a "stop sound" button linking to the default menu. Or, set the end action to a timeline. That way you hear a quick sound before going to the selected movie timeline.

      I’ve used this to create music jukeboxes and it works great. You can navigate through the buttons while a track is playing. You just can’t skip through a track (fast forward).

      If there other features on your disc, be sure to include an exit button on each menu.

      Good luck!

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      holy navigation batman!

      Now that idea, I would NEVER have thought of. I guess there wasn’t just as simple point and click for this in Encore. I guess I feel better now. I think. . .

      thanks for replying and giving me a good set of instructions, I appreciate it. I will tinker with it and see how things work out. Too bad Encore made something relatively "simple" be rather complicated. oh well.


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      Encore is not the one who made this difficult. Its the nature of the DVD format. If you think this is tough, I’ve actually made a DVD trivia game with Encore 1.5 that keeps score. It tells you if your answer is right or wrong. It doesn’t tell you the correct answer if your wrong, but I could set it up that way. You need a solid understanding of how overrides work to do it. Perhaps someday I can explain it. Glad I could help.

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