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      Hi All,

      I’m a beginner at this.

      I’ve a website that gives pre-recorded video tutorials via flash. I’ve been getting some poor results lately with my flash videos starting off really pixelated and/or becoming really bloated in size. I’ve tried several flash converters, and seem to get the same problems again and again. Currently I’m using Aiseesoft flash converter for mac.

      I film the video using the lowest quality setting on my camcorder and then take it into iMovie, where I edit and then render using-

      MPEG-4 video

      Quality Best

      Frame rate 24

      Data rate 6400

      Dimensions 1280×720

      Then I take those videos and convert them in the flash converter using-

      Frame rate 24

      Resolution 640×360

      Bit rate 900 kbps

      I experiment with the bit rate and the higher I go, the better the quality but the bigger the file size. Am I doing anything wrong?



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