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      I use Final Cut Studio and compressor and shoot with HVX200 – I produce high quality instructional titles as well as commercials for broadcast and web. is there another encoding solution that would be even higher quality for HD footage to (SD/MPEG-2) DVD. How do Hollywood studios do it? Obviously they have much better cameras/lenses/lighting but I was just wondering if I am missing something or if it is simply a matter of quality in = quality out and compressor does as good a job as anything else.

      Thanks, John

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      In addition to better cameras/lenses/etc, hollywood DVDs are also dual layer, so the videos are not as compressed.

      So if you’re videos are pretty long (over an hour) and they’re not looking as good as you’d like, you could try dual layer DVDs and apply gentler compression.

      Here’s a tutorial I made for DVD encoding as well:


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      That’s awesome! thanks. I picked up a few things there to try. My products look good and clients have never said anything – I’m just wondering if it could be better. I have been usually going right from FCP to compressor – I only have gone out through QT if I know I want to recompress for different platforms/sizes then I make a reference movie so it stays small. But you’re saying for best quality use this method and export a QT movie (even though FCP 7 now allows you to work in the application while compressor is working?)

      thank you very much!

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      “But you’re saying for best quality use this method and export a QT movie”

      There’s no difference between exporting strait to Compressor and exporting a QT Reference Movie. In both instances Compressor will refer to the same media.

      I’m still on FCP6, so I like exporting the reference movie so it doesn’t tie up FCP. But as you said, it really doesn’t matter on FCP7 since exporting strait to compressor doesn’t tie up FCP anymore

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      That’s great thank you.

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