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      Help. We are trying to get back on the air after a 15 yearhiatus. We’ve upgraded all of our cameras, cabling, switching, capture and editing to HD. I chose to use Sony Vegas Pro for my editing because it can render our final video file in HD format andembedcaptions in the file. The problem i’m having is trying to produce a file that the tv station we are trying to air on can view. I’ve tried MXF files, MP4’s, MOV’s, AVCHD, and just about about every HD format exportable by our software and the station has yet to give us an “OK” on viewing the file and captions. They are also not very forth coming in giving me details as toexactlywhat formats they CAN accept and what they know works for sure.

      I’d like to ask you guys, the professionals, what software/formats do you KNOW to work in delivering HD and Captions in a single file. I really don’t want to spend another $20,000 on a deck to deliver content on tape when usb drives are muchcheaper.

      I’m using Vegas Pro 11 right now butI’vealso tried Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro.. those do not seam to support this feature.. or at least not that I’ve found.

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      what format has the station asked for? Are they downconverting to SD?

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      I’ve gotten several different responses.. And no straight answer if they are down-converting.. but they do have a 1080i hd signal that i can pick up at home.

      So far they have said:

      >John, Just spoke with our engineering dept. and they are saying to sent it in this format H.264. Thanks!!

      John its Edward in production to answer your questions, engineering has
      informed me that 708CC1 is best for HD keep the file formate of your video at
      the same specs as you first sent to us the XDCAM MXF file formate

      we can not use the SCC/MCC files in the VR the only option is to have the Close
      Caption In-bedded into the XDCAM as per the test files you sent our VR did not
      accept them so please do not step away from the first formate you sent us or
      change any options.

      My advise to you is keep your video formate constant
      and have your software vender figure a way to in-bed the close
      caption hopefully I answered your questions

      When sending HD video we need you to use XDCAM 50mb/sec. Also when
      sending long format video use H.264 compression using high quality
      setting. When working with embedded Closed Caption data internal to
      FCP system use ProRes 422 codec.

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