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      Could you tell me the name of the technolgy that allows for a user to click a link on a specific part of a video like a snowboard and that link sending the user to the snowboard’s brand website and the type of program used to make these links? Thanks

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    The process is labor intensive, but using flash 8 and 2 video layers you can create this. The original video plays on the bottom. The transparent object video plays on top, and tracks the bottom object. A click on the video links to the website. Using this trick you can create as many layers as your user processor will handle, but I suspect more than 3 will be very processor intensive, as you are serving 1 video layer and 3 transparent object layers.

    Most of the clickable video I have seen has a large stationary transparent object. But it takes just a little longer to create the transparent trackable overlay.

    I haven’t done this, but this is the process you would need in order to create clickable video.


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    Thanks, This definitely will get me going in the right direction. For some reason I was thinking that I might be able to incorporate this idea into quicktime or wmv, but now that I actually think about it, those platforms wouldn’t allow for this especially since I would like to have some type of "bubble" pop up that would give the specs of the snowboad and then allow the user to either click the link or just continue watching the video. It seems like a flash video/animation/component would be the only way to do this. It’s definitely gonna be a labor intensive process since their will be multiple links for different products at different points within the duration of the video…..it’s going to be fun figuring out how to make this one efficient…..thanks for your help…have a great day.

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