Email about TV commercial, real or no?

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      This is an email I received. Sounds shady to me but what does everyone think?

      “XXXX is a cosmetic production company in <span style=”border-bottom: medium none; background: transparent none repeat scroll 0% 0%; cursor: pointer;” class=”yshortcuts” id=”lw_1239121865_0″>Taiwan</span>. We focus
      on skin care products using naturally-derived ingredients. We strive to
      use as many natural, vegetable-derived ingredients as possible.These
      types of products are in great demand in the health conscious market of
      America and <span class=”yshortcuts” id=”lw_1239121865_1″>Europe</span>. We also produce the finest chinese slim teas,
      facial wrinkles solution and lots more.

      We offer the following

      * Stock or custom formulations under our client’s label.
      * Naturally-derived ingredients – vitamins, herbal extracts, and <span class=”yshortcuts” id=”lw_1239121865_2″>essential oils</span>.
      * Paraben free formulas available
      * Ability to quickly create products from the latest consumer trends.
      * Low minimums of quality, specialized products.
      * High production capacity

      We have 13 years of experience in this field during which we have been marketing and reaching out to customers under TTNET.

      TTNET is a professional trade web site maintained by Transworld
      Information Corp. Whose services main goal is to build a bridge between
      buyers and sellers. TTNET is a market that small companies sell
      through, however a lot of companies like ours are beginning to realize
      that contrary to their claims, TTNET is rather a rip off place, and so
      We have ended our contract with TTNET because we want to take full
      control of our activities, from production to international money
      management. We have been hindered by strict rules that work against the
      interest of our company.

      Our marketing through TTNET in the past took care of the need to build
      a website, as we marketed our products overseas under their license.
      But we have noticed that our product are not well known due to poor
      marketing and so We are currently looking for a united states resident
      editor to edit our advert video coverage of the effect of our numerous
      products demonstrated on certain people with respectful skin problems.
      It is a very difficult task to convince clients on how effective and
      different from the regular asian herbal treatment our products are,
      considering the fact that there are so many other brands of herbal
      treatment here in the <span class=”yshortcuts” id=”lw_1239121865_3″>asian market</span> and even cheaper. So in an attempt
      to demonstrate the unmatched target effects of our numerous products,
      we want to hire an editor, to make better videos of demonstration.

      Currently, we have a panasonic camcoder in ntsc format, and we will
      always mail footage to you through our ups account. When you finish
      cutting, we will give you a list of contact, to which duplicate copies
      should be sent. This process will also be taken care of from our ups
      account, under no circumstances should you mail the raw footage to
      anyone, and also, care must be taken not to damage the footage. All
      footage are to be sent back to us in the same batches as was sent to
      you and also through our ups account. So basically, a clerk from here
      will always prepare shipping labels for you, so that all you will have
      to do is paste the label on the envelope carrying each advert video CD
      and drop them off at any ups outlet close to you. All the extra work
      will be considered during salary negotiation.

      The advert videos will focus on the condition of whichever part of the
      body concerned before and after the use of our products. This step is
      suppose to be taken care of through our website, but we have been bared
      from launching a website until our case with our previous marketers are
      solved. As bad as our jurisdiction is, we do not see the case ending
      anytime soon, as we keep getting months of adjournment every time. So
      the employment of an editor is to make sure we do not lack behind
      during court process, which is not against the law.

      However, as soon as our website is launched, we will cease to mail you
      footage to edit, instead, we will upload them on our site for you to
      download and edit. We strongly refuse to upload our footage to any
      external link or site different from ours, and forbid you to do the
      same at any given time. Let us know if you can handle this kind of
      work, and also send any questions you may have here, and we will get
      back to you as soon as possible.”

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