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      Hi everyone! Was wondering if any of you have made the transition from elements to pro – are they at all similar, how much of a learning curve is there? Thank you for any help!!

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      I went from Elements 3 to CS3.
      Needless to say Elements is easier but it’s not hard to learn your way around in Pro.

      The user interface is somewhat different so I needed to dig a little and the very nice "fade in / fade out" is not there so I have to work a little harder to fade video and or sound but the thing I’ve found is that I have more options and more control.
      I shot some test footage to work on and it took me about a day of playing around to feel good about it.

      I still have Elements on a different computer BTW.

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      Just wondering what Pro does that makes it worth getting? I can’t seem to find a comparison chart.

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      One of the best things about Premiere Pro is the use of multiple Sequences (Timelines).

      Others are the ability to lock tracks, more options to handle various types of footage.

      Some of the things I don’t like;

      No right click option to Fade In/Out Video and Audio on a clip.

      No Ctrl K to split just the selected clip as in Premiere Elements, in Pro Ctrl+K splits all clips unless they are locked.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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