Effect/techniqu to make yarn move behind band in music video without layers??

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I am directing a music video that involves a band playing underneath a
large oak tree that's wrapped very sporadically and randomly/hectically with multi-colored yarn. Is there a way to make the colors of the yarn
surrounding the band to change like a visualized without having to stop
the band and move the yarn constantly?

I'd like to stay away from post
procedures and come up with a way to "fool the camera" so that the yarn
is "alive" and moving around them? The effect would be almost a time lapse effect behind them of changing yarn colors and patterns...

Anything helps! We'll be shooting with 7D's due to budget limitations.

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 Is it possible for you to shoot the tree in timelapse to get the effect that you want, then greenscreen the band under similar lighting conditions?  You did say that you were looking for a non-post solution, but that will provide you some latitude for finishing (e.g. shooting pick-ups).

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look to the theatre and magic industry for answers.. I've seen it done with silk scarves where long streamers of silk were hand dyed multiple colors, and rolled off spools to have the scarves change color during a live play... hope that helps....

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This could also be done with some lighting, by using varying color gels, or a gel-changer. Many intelligent lighting fixtures have this feature. On a budget, you can use some par cans or better still <span style="font-family: Arial,Arial,Helvetica;"><span style="font-family: Verdana; font-size: x-small;">Ellipsoidals</span></span> (often called lekos) and have a couple P.A.'s swap out the color gels between shots, or with a bit of practice even while you are shooting.

I would expect barn doors to be a help in controlling where the light goes.

I suspect you'd have to experiment with a few different colors of yarn in order to achieve the maximum effect from the lighting.