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      Hey guys, I’m not really new, but my old account was screwed up, so this is my new one.

      Anyway, I just downloaded EffectsLab demo, and it’s installed and all, but it won’t work. I have never used editing software before, so can someone walk me through to get a video up there so I can put effects in it?

      And can I put a video recorded by a webcam onto effectslab?



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      Not sure what you mean by “won’t work”. In a lot of software, (if the files are already on your harddrive)you go up to the File Menu in the top right of the screen, go down to Import and click. Then navigate through your harddrive to where your files are, selct themand click Open.

      Learning Software, is a little different from learning equipment. You could waste your whole life learning every software there is. I’ve usedfour NLEs and what helps is Internet Tutorials(da da da dah!). There might be an EffectsLab website. Or google it and see what tutorials come up. Books are also a good help.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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