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      Hi there!

      I’m a fairly experienced cameraman with a wife pretty good at using Avid, and we’ve just begun a wedding videography business.

      I was wondering if anybody out there uses AVID (any form) to edit their wedding videos with?
      I’m about to buy a new system to run Avid Xpress DV, which i plan to edit many wedding videos with. Once I’ve edited them, i then plan on outputting the finished film onto DVD for clients to view on their domestic players.

      If anybody has any advice about using Avid for this purpose i’d be very grateful to hear your advice.
      Also, if anybody has any tips or general advice to give me based on my situation, again i’d be extremely grateful.

      Finally, if anybody considered getting Avid but chose not to, then please tell me why you decided against it, and what editing software you chose to use instead?
      What is the preferred editor of choice for the fellow wedding videographers out there? Why did you decide on that one?

      Thanks for reading and (hopefully) replying, i am very grateful.

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      I personally use Adobe Premiere and have since 1998

      Started with 4.2 I believe and am now using PRO 1.5.1 on 1 Workstation, 2 Desktops and 1 Notebook

      My recommendation based on 7 years of shlepping from a “1 camera operation” with 2 VCR’s and 1 desktop computer TO today where I have 5 cameras, 3 full rooms with a total of 4 editing stations and a group of 5 including myself shooting and then editing in 2 locations……..

      PURCHASE and USE equipment based on what you plan on charging for services

      For example: I had to wait 5 years to actually “make” a profit, BUT NOW I have enough equipment and people to buy “bigger and better things”

      For me, as like many others, video is also a hobby (and this is a second means of employment…school district employee with summers off)
      Because it is a hobby I get to buy “toys” that make money…

      So, wit that in mind, I seem to justify spending extra bucks on newer things

      I just recently purchased 2 Sony FX1’s because I plan on offering services in HD starting Spring of 2006

      FINALLY, I would use Avid if you know Avid because you will be editing faster rather than learning as you go on a “cheaper” NLE

      I take the CANDID VIDEO approach to the packages that I offer customers…NO GOOFY SPECIAL EFFECTS…NO FREEZE FRAMES…NO SOUND EFFECTS. Many people have specifically asked ahead of time if I do this and they were MOST pleased to find out that I DO NOT! : )

      With that in mind…Im sure Avid, as many others, will give an editor more than enough tools to edit the candid video of a wedding

      We do 2 or 3 cameras at ceremony and 1 at the house while bride is getting ready and then 1 at the reception…the simple in camera edits make for easier post editing and faster turn around time

      Samson wireless mics for ceremony, and a small filtered light (people hate bright lights in their face but then sometimes hate dim video too…so you have to find the middle)

      Other cameras are 2 Canon GL2’s and a Sony 250

      I have gone on too much…etc.

      Take Care

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      Our cable television station has been using AVID for a few months now and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. I have never used AVID for weddings, but it sure does edit great on any project I have ever done. I have done programs/shows on “Halloween”, and “The Fundamentals of Editing” and many more. It’s got to be good if local commercial television stations use them. If you wish, ask me a specific question and I will send you a reply. AVID is great! Dave

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      I researched the industry, Hollywood that is, to find out what their standard was. I chose not to follow the typical plain-jane videographer choices. Avid IS the Hollywood standard, bar none.

      My second criteria was to make sure that I could find good quality training on DVD that would throughly explain how to use each and every feature. I purchased training from two sources: likeamedia.com training by Andy Jenkins (2 DVDs), and the entire 4-DVD set by Steve Bayes sold on desktopimages.com.

      My third criteria was that I wanted my editing system to be scalable, so that when I expand my business to the point where I have a 100 editors working for me, I can still work in the same family of products. Avid leads all of the rest.

      If you can only get one training program, get Steve’s. Steve knows his stuff. He should! He was an Avid Program Designer for 8 years, He’ll show you how to edit a 4-camera 30-minute segment in less than an hour. This one feature alone makes Avid the Hands down winner. Additionally, there seems to be more plug-ins for Avid than the others including Adobe. Having said that, I also use all of the Adobe products EXCEPT Premier.

      You won’t go wrong with Avid, but if you’re going to spend the money, get Xpress Pro. Don’t stop at DV.

      Here’s a Tip: If you’re looking to buy ANY software, check eBay first. I purchased nearly ALL of my software there, as well as most of my camera & lighting equipment there, saving over 50% Off the Retail cost.

      Good luck,

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      I agree with you that Avid is the king of the hill. More over it would be nearly impossible to dethrowne it. (Since they bought Pinnacle).

      Avid had to make xpres DV and make it “affordable” because of the Premier and FCP and other potential threats from the looming competition.

      Programs like Sony Vegas, FCP and Premiere are no longer second class citizens they used to be. Especially Vegas since it was aquired by Sony, it is now in it’s 6th incarnation it does so much more then Avid Xpress right out of the box, needs way less hardware and even opens avid files for editing.

      There is also a threat to Avid even from the Linux community that has their own second incarnation of the Cinerella video editor which is experiencing a helthy growing as well. Decisions on choosing an editor are no longer crystal clear as they were 2-3 years ago…

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