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      I’m having a G5 2.7G system built with the Black Magic Decklink SDI card. This card is supposed to enable me to import footage from my XL 2 & edit onto FCP in uncompressed format, to achieve Broadcast quality product, as if I had imported from a Beta or DV Cam.

      On a few other forums, including FCP/DV Creators forum, there seems to be a raging debate as to whether or not this card actually does this. I saw this card in action at a high-end jingle house, here in NYC, which also films broadcast videos. They had the same set up (XL2 footage going into a G5 2.7 with the Decklink Card).

      I, myself saw the big difference in quality of when they edited a 2 minute piece with the card & when they edited the same piece with the G5’s stock card. For me it was no “smoke & mirrors trickery. This is what convinced me to go ahead with ordering the Decklink card.

      Like I said tho’, DV experts at other forums have vehemently denied that this card is of any use for what I intend to do with it, that I am wasting my money (the card costs $4000 extra to install).

      I was wondering if any folks here have any experience &/or opinions on this card.

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