Editing with fire (should I use a mask?)

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      Alright, one more question (this isn’t realted to the last one). For an intro, I want to have a close-up of an eye. I want the eye to blink and when it opens, I want to have fire in the lower half of the iris. What should I do to achieve this? I also wanted the fire to change shape slightly to form a pair of wings (The name of my studio is Hidden Phoenix Productions), but the first fire part is the only mandatory part. Any ideas?

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      This is a relatively easy effect to do(depending on the program), but first we need to know what programs you can use.

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      Oh right, I have Final Cut Studio 2. So I’ve got FCP2, Motion3, and Color, along with the various others. I don’t have Photoshop or anything. I had that in my last post about Sin City, so I didn’t put it in this one.

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      You will need some footage of a fire in order to do this.
      Get your eye video shot and your fire video.
      Import it into motion with the fire layer over the eye layer.
      when in the fire layer you will need to zoom into the eye and mask out where you want the fire to appear you will need to set the selection to add so that it gets rid of what is not in the mask.
      From there I would set the opacity of the fire layer so that the eye is visible through the fire quite a bit.

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      Also, if you want the fire to have more of a "window reflexion" type of look, use the "screen" compositing mode. It cuts out black. Using this and manipulating the opacity, you could probably end up with a great looking effect.

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      To from the pair of wings you will just need to change your mask shape slowly to start forming the wings in your time line. You may need to stretch your fire video depending on how big it is.

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      Cool, thanks guys! This brings about another question: What’s the best way to film fire?

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      There’s probably some effects stock footage out there… you can try detonationfilms.com, but i’m not sure if they’ll have what you’re looking for.

      To tape for compositing, having a black background and using the "screen" composite mode in your NLE might be the easiest technique for its fairly good results.
      Detonation films has effects stock footage of explosions and other firey effects, you may want to borrow some of their approaches when you record your fire. They also have a tutorial to composite their footage.
      I would suggest playing with their footage, so you’ll know what/how you will want to film your footage, and also because its fun.

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      Sweet! Thanks for the help everybody!

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