Editing with both hd and standard video

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      I have the Canon XL2 and looking to purchase another camcorder. There is a camcorder that I saw for sale for, I think, a good price. The only thing is it’s an HD camcorder. My question is, if I were to edit the footage from a standard camcorder and a HD camcorder together in the same project would it be very noticable? Thanks for the help!!

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      I would assume it would, unless you had a really good SD camera with really good glass. You could shoot in HD and down convert to SD. It will look like really good SD.

      I would sell your XL and get the Panasonic HVX(that is, if it would cover the needs your XL covered). It shoots HD and really good SD.Actually, I think at NAB they announced they would be coming out with the HVX200a soon.

      Anyway, If you were to mix SD and HD, obviously the high quality the HD, the bigger difference it will be from the SD.

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      Thanks robgrauert. I figured there would be a difference. I was hoping that someone would have tried it and seen the difference between the two. I will check those cams out. Thanks again!!

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