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      X-D Hi,
      I am about to purchase the Sony DCR-VX2100 and looking to upgrade my editing software. I currently have Pinnacle Studio version 9 on my PC.
      I have been using this program for quite some time and was looking to upgrade to 10.6, but have read nothing but bad reviews such as crashing, downloading issues. "I’ve had a few, but not to the point of complaining." Therefore, I would like to try some other editing software that has a fairly good interface for learning.
      πŸ˜• What are you using? What was the difficulty of learning your program?
      I realize that many of the editing software companies offer 30 day free trial versions, but would like to know your experiance’s.
      πŸ˜‰ Your help & input would be most appreciated! Thanks, Ray

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      Adobe Premier 6.5

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      Since you are using te Sony camera, why not try Sony Vegas – They just released version 7 (and their DVD authoring tool DVD Architect version 4 to go along with it).

      I started using Pinacle Studio and quickly grew very frustrated from all the bugginess. I briefly went to Microsoft Movie Studio then luckily tried the "Screenblast" version of Vegas (now it’s called "Vegas Movie Studio") and fell in love.

      I have since moved up to the full package and truly love the ease at which I can do things (I am not a video professional). It is powerful yet intuitive for me, plus there is lots of free help out there (like this board for one).

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      I also use Premiere 6.5. Maybe I just had the knack for it but I was editing video in no time. Granted it took years to truely learn everything but getting started was easy. I’ve played with Avid liquid 7 and didn’t like it. Maybe it was because I know Premiere so well that Liquid seemed like everything was either missing or in weird places. Everything is logically laid out in Premiere. Easy to find whatever tool your looking for.

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      We actually run Mac Workstations over here hence we have the Final Cut Studio package. I have used a few other editing systems on various platforms including Avid & I have found Final Cut works really well especially the integration with Motion & DVD Studio Pro.

      The OS is very realiable also.

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      At work we use DPS Velocity (which is horribly expensive but sucks) and Premiere. At home I personally own copies of Premiere, Avid Xpress, and Final Cut Pro. I have used them all and have to say premiere has probably the best balance of features and usibility. Unfortunatly it has the downside of curently being windose only. (rumor is that the video collection will mark its return on the Mac in its next release) I am worried about Adobe though I was used to Adobe products being rock solid stable (besides Premiere 6.0 and previous ver) With the release of After Effects 7 I am not sure anymore. AE7 crashes like crazy. I use it 8+ hours a day at work and am plagued by C++ runtime errors. Ever since we upgraded at work everyone has had this same problem and adobe has yet to release a patch. I hope that Premiere does not have this problem but dont know because I havent used the latest release as I have not upgraded yet at home and rarely use it at work because I am primarily a motion graphics guy and create all of my promo spots in After Effects.

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      I use Sony Vegas 6.0d with DVD Architect 3. As mentioned above, Vegas 7 just came out, but I will wait a while to make sure that some small quirks get ironed out with the new release. But, each person has there preferences.

      The best thing you can do is to download the free trials that the software companies provide and try it out. Most offer 30 days to evaluate.

      Good Luck!


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      I’ve used it all. Avid, Final Cut, and Adobe Primere. I like them all. I’d have to say Adobe Primere is a little more "user friendly". It does most of what the others will do.

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      Mac OS X and Final Cut very stable… very easy to use and I love it… Highly recomend it.

      Ed March

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      Highly recommend Final Cut Pro as well, it’s awesome (I used Avid before, but like FCP much better)

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      Adobe Premier 6.5

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      I would like to point out that those comparing the stability in FCP with that of PP are in actuality comparing mac OS and Windows stability. Adobe Premiere is just as stable as FCP (if you put it on a mac). The problem is with windows (which is what I use since I cant afford to get a mac).

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