Editing the new mini-dvd-r footage?? Which format is it?

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      Hello all. A friend of mine wants me to use some of his footage for a hunting movie that I’m making. The problem is, it’s recorded with a mini dvd-r camcorder. I use Pinnacle Studio 8 now, and all the raw footage used is all in .AVI format.

      My question is, would I be able to do anything with his footage or is it a waste of time to even bother seeing it?


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      I think it would be a waste of your time? I think there are a couple of programs that could take those .VOB files on the DVD and convert them back to AVI or at least work with them but I don’t think your software can do that? You will have your hands full if you take on that project.


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      i’ve heard – but not tried – that you can change the VOB extension to MPG and will be able to add files to a timeline in Studio 8. May be worth a shot … check the Pinnacle Studio 8 boards and you may find the thread.

      good luck

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      download the trial version of video redo. it will convert .vob’s into mpgs.

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