Editing software why is the pro expensive ones better?

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      I would like to know what the basic essential differences are, apart from price, of a package like Premier Pro etc and the relatively cheaper retail counterparts for the consumer market like vegas etc. The consumer market has some great product features now, more than before.

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      The manufacturer will often provide a comparison chart of their consumer vs pro versions.
      For Sony Vegas, you can find a comparison chart at:


      A feature I really like of their pro version of Vegas is the unlimited number of video and audio tracks. Granted, the consumer versions do allow 4 video tracks and 4 audio tracks, but if you’re doing complex ChromaKey compositing, more is better! 😀
      Also, if there’s some special thing you want to do (like speeding up the audio without changing the pitch, or filtering out some unwanted noise) a pro version will probably have a way to do it.
      Ken Hull

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      unless you’re the type who:

      a) thinks fully automatic assault rifles with armor peircing rounds are needed for deer hunting….
      b) thinks anti aircraft guns are are needed for duck hunting….
      c) major hollywood production equipment and software are needed to make a nice one hour video of your kids birthday party….

      you probably don’t need it.

      If you do need it, you should be making enough money, already, that you don’t have to ask the question…..

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      Pro is not always better but you get more tools.
      Tools you may not need.

      I for one, am very happy with the Adobe Elements lastest and greatest.
      To date I have not worked with either Photo Shop or Premiere Elements and thought I wish it had this or that.
      And both my video and still photo projects are PROFESSIONAL class works.

      The same goes for Premiere Pro vs Vegas.
      They are both good NLEs but one may give you something the other does not or more often you’ll find one is easier to work with over the other.

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      I think folks are confusing Vegas Movie Studio (the sub $100 editing solution for home use) with Vegas (the $450 professional editing package).

      I started using Sony’s software with Screenblast Movie Studio (what they used to call Vegas Movie Studio) and after about six months wanted some of the features that were only available in the pro product.

      I am currently using version 7 and would stack that up against any other NLE including Avid, Final Cut, Premiere or the others. It’s all a matter of preference and what workflow suits your needs.

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