Editing Software Suggestion for Student

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I am trying to help out a 17 year old high school junior whose film editing experience to date is high school media classes. The bug really bit her and she plansto attend a local JC in film with transfer to a 4-year program her ultimate goal. She wants twants to purchase an editing program for home use. Before she spends her hard earned money, I thought she should attempt to gather some advice. Anyone out there willing/able to provide some insight?

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does she have an idea of what she wants to focus on in the industry?

If she primarily wants to shoot, but still learn the basics of editing, Final Cut Express is a good option.

If she wants to become well rounded in post production, Final Cut Pro is a good option.

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If the system is an Apple computer, Final Cut Express (at a modest retail of $300 - you'd probably get a better deal out of a wholesale value) is probably the best option for acquiring the right amount of productivity that is not too complicated at this point. If it's a PC system, then I'd go with Sony Vegas Movie Studio or Adobe Premiere Elements. Neither have the greatest productivity as compared to Final Cut Express, but are great places to start retailing at a little over $100 and selling for a whole lot less. If picking one of the options above, then I'd consider upgrading to the Pro version (e.g. Vegas Pro or Premiere Pro) in the future.