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      a few weeks ago, I started looking into capturing and editing video, with intent to publish home movies to DVDs. after becoming frustrated with "free" software and the seemingly endless compatibility/conversion problems, i’m ready to buy a piece of software that will (hopefully) allow me to spend time and energy on actual editing and authoring, instead of configuration or conversion.

      I have a Leadtek WinFast TV2000 TV Tuner card, which allows me to capture video to various formats – i’ve been using MPEG2, as it seems to be the highest quality.

      I’ve compiled a short list of current entry-level products from general searches and from browsing Videomaker forums:
      Platinum Vegas, Vegas, Premier Elements 2.0, Ulead VideoStudio 9, Movie Edit pro 11

      So, as somebody who’s just starting out, I humbly ask for your input. Which of these products will allow me to relatively painlessly import large (2+ gig) MPEG2 files, and perform editing tasks (splitting, adding titles, text, soundtrack, transition effects, etc.) the best? thanks in advance for your response.

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      If your serious about editing video, MPEG2 is the WRONG format to edit in. MPEG2 is a compressed file. After you add titles, transitions and what not, you’ll need to compress it again. The results will be horrible. The best format is uncompressed DV AVI.

      I use Premiere 6.5 and love it. I can’t offer opinions about the other apps but Premiere does everything I want. Elements would be a great start.

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      I’m not a pro (nor do I play one on TV) but I started with the older version of Vegas Movie Studio (it was called Screenblast Movie Studio then) – For the price it was great.

      You can now get the current version of Vegas Movie Studio for under $100 (less than that if you shop around or have a kid and get it under academic discount through them). I have since moved up to the full blown version of Vegas (it is way more powerful, functional and feature rich).

      I too started with the version of Pinacle Studio that came with my DVD writer, quickly grew very frustrated, moved on to Windows Movie Maker, grew even more frustrated – looked around and decided to try Movie Studio and never looked back – The only better move was up tot the full Vegas.

      Just MHO.

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      If your budget is limited, then go with Vegas Studio, if you can afford about 400 bucks, B&H has Vegas (Version 6) + DVD for about 400 bucks. The Vegas community is very helpful, there’s lots of training videos and books available. Check out sites like jetdv or vasst. Great stable program, lots of features and was reviewed against Final Cut Pro and Vegas came out on top.


      Happy Editing!

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      thank you for the advice. i’ve been playing with Movie Maker (because it’s free 8) ), but am also becoming very frustrated.

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      I’ve been using Vegas Movie Studio with DVD Architect ($90) for the last year to switch my VHS tapes over to DVD. Rock solid and very very easy to use.

      I just dropped the hammer on a $2500 camera setup and intend on going up to the full $500 version of Vegas due to the success I’ve been having with the little version….

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      I usually say that editing software is editing software but if you ever plan to work in the industry Avid or Final cut pro will be the way to go. Avid has a free version of the software available on http://www.avid.com. Final Cut would require a mac but if you know premiere it is very easy to switch later to FCP. I learned on Premiere and Avid and got a job working somewhere that used FCP and i picked it up in a couple of hours because it works alot like Premiere. I would recommend Avid Free DV or Premiere elements if you want to keep under a hundred bucks. Also pick up Photoshop elements as PS is essential to know too. If you want to work in the industry that is. If you don’t plan to work in the industry download some demos and see which one you like best. Also I would also say that MPEG-2 should be avoided if possible. Most editing software does not like mpeg-2.

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