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      I just got me a JVC mini DV camera -Yey!
      After installing their video editing software, I feel I would like to try another one. I looked at Microsoft Moviemaker 2, and I like the layout better no funky buttons as in the one that came with the camera.

      I am a fast learner and if to go and purchase one, I would like to get one that I do not grow out of within next 6 month, but also not too complicated one. :-//

      Any suggestions, and advice.

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      if you want something for free try Avid DV for free. it can be downloaded at

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      Eiter, I do not mind buying a software.

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      I am enjoying Pinnacle Studio Plus, version 9. Although many people report it to be a buggy program, I don’t have any problems with it at all. It’s easy to use and has a very intuitive interface. I’ve tried others, like Sony Vegas Movie Studio, but Pinnacle Studio Plus seems to me to be a lot easier to handle while doing almost as many things as other programs. By the way, Pinnacle Studio not only allows editing, but also authoring and DVD burning capabilities.

      There are MANY other editing programs out there that can do many more things than Pinnacle Studio. But the trade-off is they’re often (not always) more difficult to learn and use, they’re often (not always) more expensive, and they often (not always) require a separate program for DVD authoring and burning.

      If you do go the way of Pinnacle Studio, I would recommend the Plus version, which costs about $100, which is $20 more than the standard version and contains more things. At a higher priceyet is Pinnacle Studio Media Suite (I think that’s what it’s called), but I’m not familiar with it.

      But again, I’ve read complaints online about installation and other problems with Pinnacle Studio. But then again, you never read about when people like me are NOT having problems, right?

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      Thank You!!!

      I looked at pinnacle studio interenet demo, and a few tutorials. i like it!

      Thank you, again, fo your advice.

      God bless the boardies for their time and effort πŸ˜€ !

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      You’re more than welcome, Curly.

      If you do purchase Pinnacle Studio (preferably at least the Plus version), check out the forums on Pinnacle’s web site. Some very knowledgeable people post very helpful things. You’d be surprised at how much more versatile Studio is than it seems on the surface. Some more complicated, more expensive programs do things that Pinnacle doesn’t. I say, so what? Unless you’re going to do some serious professional editing with a lot of extremely sophisticated effects, Pinnacle Studio is MORE than enough. And there are some fancy things that some programs do automatically that Studio, at first, appears it won’t do, but there are workarounds that CAN accomplish what looked like was impossible. That’s where the Pinnacle web site forums really come in handy. I’ve read many things on the forums that really suprised me and made me think, “Why didn’t I think of that??”

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