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      Hi, could someone out there kindly give me advice.

      I have a Canon HF10 camera, am new in the business and want to know what is the best editing software. I have made two movies with Adobe Premiere Elements 8 but is dissapointed with the amount of “crashing” and wonder if there is something better. From what I have read on this forum is that retaining the same format whilst editing, is important if you do not want to loose quality. This would be importants to me. My file format is AVCHD. I copied my computer’s specs below. I do not mind to spend money on editing and upgrading my software if necessary. (within limits of say 1000 euro)

      1. What is the best software for not loosing quality and enabling videos in HD or Blue ray?
      2. Does rendering reduce quality and if so, what should I do to avoid the loss in quality?

      Total amount of system memory 4.00 GB RAM

      System type 32-bit operating system

      Number of processor cores 4

      64-bit capable Yes

      Total size of hard disk(s) 481 GB 219 GB Free (466 GB Total)

      Display adapter type NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT

      Total available graphics memory 2431 MB Dedicated graphics memory 1024 MB

      Dedicated system memory 0 MB

      Shared system memory 1407 MB

      Display adapter driver version

      Primary monitor resolution 1360×768

      DirectX version DirectX 10 Network Adapter NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller

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      Grinner Hester

      The best? I’d say Inferno.

      back to the real word, look at Vegas, if staying with a PC, otherwise, FCP, hands down.

      Rendering doesn’t have to reduce quality. Just don’t compres it more in the process.

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      I have a Canon Vixia HF11 that records in AVCHD. I was using Adobe Premier Elements 7, but got fed up with it crashing. This problem has been documented elsewhere in these forums for the Adobe Premier Pro version. Now I am now using Cyberlink PowerDirector 8 Ultra. So far I am very satisfied. It is well organized, easy to use and a good manual. It handles AVCHD files directly while Adobe had to first render them into some other format, a time consuming operation not needed with PowerDirector. It is fast and so far stable. My computer is a ThinkPad T400 with a Duo Core T9600 processor at 2.8 GHz and 3 GB memory. I recommend PowerDirector for AVCHD.

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      I highly recommend trying Edius Neo 2.5 (often referred to as Neo “Booster”). I’m not exactly sure how Canopus Grass Valley did it, but with the “Booster” version (2.5) that’s now shipping you can pretty easily drop AVCHD footage right onto the timeline natively, and edit smoothly in real-time. Neo is very stable too. I don’t know of any other NLE that crashes so seldom. You can download a fully functional 30 day trial by going here: http://www.grassvalley.com/products/edius_neo_2_booster. B&H sells Neo Booster for about $225. Right now, I’m running Neo Booster on a low end quad (AMD Phenom 9850), and it performs well. I know some folks are running it on computers with dual core CPUs even.

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      “What is the best software for not loosing quality and enabling videos in HD or Blue ray?”

      I agree with Ginner. FCP is great. I would transcode your AVCHD to ProRes. This will reduce the rendering time because it will get you out of Long GOP compression, and ProRes will hold up better through color correction and grading, as well maintain high quality for graphics and such.

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      You’ll get the best image quality by dropping original footage straight onto the timeline (with a system and NLE that can handle it, like with Neo Booster on just about any reasonably modern quad-core, or even a fast dual-core, PC) without first transcoding. ProRes is excellent, but it’s not available on a PC. On the PC, there’s Cineform and Canopus HQ (which is bundled with Neo).

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      Thanks for all the advice, I really appreciate it. I am not to invest in Apple at the moment (think it may be coming later).

      It seems as if Edius Neio 2.5 is the more expensive and Cyberlink slighter cheaper route to go.



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      I suggest you download the trial copies of the NLEs your are considering, give them a though testing and see how they work for your purposes, before committing to purchase.

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      This magazine,as well asothers dealing in Video and Software, have posted many recent reviews and articles on editing software as well. You might want to read through some of them to help with the decision making.

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      AVCHD Converter for Mac is an excellent Mac AVCHD converter
      software which can convert video formats from one to another with
      perfect output quality and high conversion speed for Mac OS X users.

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