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      As a skater, all I’m really looking for is a software that can do good slow motion. I’m sure it also has to do with my lack of experience that I can’t do good slow mo, but I just want to make sure it has that capability, like for example Windows Movie Maker can’t do good slow motion because it only allows you to use the “slow down half” feature. I will learn how to make slow mo edits later, but first I need to find a consumer quality software that I can work with on practicing my slow motion. Can anyone please help? Thanks.

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      Do you know what format of video are you working with?

      If you are still shooting miniDV, I think a Macbook with Final Cut Express will give you what you want. Also, a good slo-mo PLUG-IN is Twixtor.

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      Sony Vegas Pro has excellent speed controls – both simple (ctrl-drag on the timeline) and powerful (velocity envelopes).

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      Sorry. I forgot to mention i need to sow motion without interpolating frames. Here’s an example:


      please watch the whole video and pay attention to slow mo parts.

      bad example:


      good example of ramped slow mo:


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      I like to use after effects, you can do great time ramps in it, theres tutorails on how to achieve looks such as 300 slow mo ramps athttp://www.videocopilot.net/ and also to be sure to have your shutter speed up as high as allowed, compensating of course for the light, open up the iris, and try not to use gain. high shutter speeds will allow for much better slow mo(if your cameracan use manual settings)

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      To get really good slow motion you really need to shoot at 120 or more frames per second. The standart 60 will only work it you’re wanting to slow the video to 50% original speed. If you want it slower, you’ll have to look at cameras, not software.

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