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      I am struggliig with what inexpensive editing software to purchase.. I currently use Roxio Media Creator version 7. It usually works Ok for my simple productions. One thing that I have found that it does not do is insert video only over the natural audio track. In the old days of linear editing decks this was a simple task. Recently shot a basic interview with the local city public works director. He was descibing some of the new features at a local park. I wanted to insert video of the features as he descibed them in his naration. Problem was, Media Creator automatically replaces the natural audio track when you drag and drop video clips. There was no way to simply drag and drop just the video. Of course I ended up going through the hoops of extracing the audio of the interview from my camera, then going through another step of converting the audio to a wave file then going through another step of placing the interview audio in the separate naration track, then going through the steps of syncing it up with the video. What a hassel. What ever happened to the simple insert video? If anyone knows of an inexpensive software program that inserts video only over the origianl audio track please let me know. By inexpensive I mean under $200.00. Not sure I’m ready to step up to the $500+ programs yet.

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      If your budget is a problem, try Premiere elements. Its not expensive and should give you more options. If you don’t have the cash right now, download the free 30 day trial of Premiere (version may vary) and finish your project with it. http://www.adobe.com

      I’ve been using Premiere 6.5 for 5 years now and its so easy to learn. Lots of high end features if you even need them but the simple tasks like what you want to do is almost a no brainer. Just drag and drop your video clips into the timeline and adjust. I’m sure your love it.

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      I cannot recommend Sony’s Vegas Movie Studio any more highly. I started with it’s pre-cursor (Screenblast Movie Studio) after having a very buggy time with Pinnacle Studio, a less than adequate time with MS Movie Maker and finding Roxio not powerful enough.

      I was productive from day one and about six months later, moved up to the full blown Vegas+DVD package. I have never regretted my decision to go with Sony’s products. They are powerful, intuitive and very easy to use. There is also the Sony Forums (http://www.sonymediasoftware.com/forums/) where many true experts are more than happy to help with the simplest of questions.

      It sells for under $100 and you can get the Platinum Edition for about $100 that will support HD!

      If you have a family member who is a student or teacher, you can get an academic version for about one third less.

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