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      I’ve used both Premiere Elements 2.0 and Pinnacle’s Studio 10.5.

      I love the transition effects of Studio but I also love the stability of PE.

      I was wondering if there’s any program out there that can meet in the middle?

      I’m surprised that PE 2.0 doesn’t compare with the transition effects offered by Studio.

      Is it just me? Is there another program out there that I am missing?

      Thanks for your input.

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      You might try a free trail download of Sony Vegas 7. It has lots of FX built-in, and seems stable. The only drawback I know of is that you’ll have to learn a new user interface. (I’m told it’s a bit different from Premiere and Pinnacle.)

      Good luck, 🙂
      Ken Hull

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      Is there anyone out there who’s made the transition from Studio or Premiere Elements to Sony Vegas 7 that could share their experiences?


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