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      Hey all, I just had a quick question about editing some nasty room tone audio for a wedding I’m editing. Basically, my camera guy was doing a wedding and turned down the audio real low on the wireless lapel mic that he put on the groom and now when I boost the audio to an appropriate level the ‘I do’s’ sound like the bride and groom are at the ocean rather than in a church. Does anyone have any suggestions? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

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      Newer programs, such as Soundtrack Pro in Final Cut Studio 2 and whatever Adobe’sequivalentis, have a “Noise Reduction” function. It works really well.

      If don’t have the noise reduction feature in your audio program, apply a high pass and low pass filter to your clips.

      High pass filters allow frequencies ABOVE a certain point to pass through the filter. This is good for blocking bass frequencies. For dialogue, set it to 90Hz and move it up slowly, but don’t move it up too high.

      Low pass filters allow frequencies BELOW a certain point to pass through the filter. This is good for a hiss or buzz. Start at 10KHz and slowly move it down, but generally not below 8KHz.

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      WOW! I can not believe the difference. I tried the high pass and low pass filters…that didn’t do anything, but I brought the audio clip into Adobe Soundbooth and the noise reduction really cleaned it up! Granted, it’s not perfect, but now the room tone is a stream compared to an ocean. Thanks so much! Btw, I see you post a lot on this forum, and if I recall, you’re pretty young. What kind of stuff do you do? I’m just out of college doing random freelance jobs. It’s cool. Anyways, thought I would strike up a conversation between fellow videographers.

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      Try doing the high pass and low pass filters after you do the noise reduction in Soundbooth. I read that the best workflow for cleaning up audio is noise reduction>high pass filter>low pass filter. I guess I should have mentioned that in the first post.

      I’m still in college–still in college because I’m bored with it, so I take the least amount of classes as I can every quarter. I do freelance too. It’s hard to find a steady job since I don’t have a degree yet. Actually, it’s probably hard finding one when you DO have a degree, haha.

      I specialize in the documentary style…stuff that you would see on the discovery channel, although, lately i’ve been shooting/editing a lot with sports. Still documentary style though. I did a wedding once, i hated it though.

      Keep up the good work.

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