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      ok. I have a semi fight scene I want to edit. I have Red and Green as my characters (they are cartoons, so the have nice big eyes). I want to have a shot of Red’s upper face (nose to forehead), slowly zooming to one eye. In the eye you see a reflection of Green. (I want to have part of the iris showing so it doesn’t look like a window or tv screen). From there, I want to zoom in fast and show the shot of Green by himself.

      I’m sry, if this isn’t entirely clear. Just try to imagine it in your head. Ok. Now that you have a mental picture, how should I go about making this effect possible? I’m using Final Cut Pro.

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      This sounds like a task for Motion, or After Effects

      -You would have the shot of Red’s eye.

      -Place a video layer of Green over top of that. Re-size it to fit in Red’s eye and create a circular mask around it so it is the shape of Red’s eye.

      -Right click on Green’s video layer, go down to “Composite mode,” select “Multiply” (or any one of those other selections, whichever looks best)

      -Then zoom into the eye. You may have to duplicate Green’s layer, but don’t select a composite mode. You can dissolve to this one to make it look right.

      make sense? play around with it.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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