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      hey guys. just got a new Sony Vaio Computer, laptop, and wanted to know if the Adobe Production Studio can fit on it. i’m not sure on the model of the computer, but, wnated to know if anyone here has a Sony Vaio and has the Adobe Production Studio’s on their computers.

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      It depends on the size of the hard drive

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      okay, here is my computer:

      Sony Vaio
      Operating System: Microsoft, Windows, XP Home Edition
      Processor: Intel Core Duo Processor T2400
      System Memory: 1 GB DDR2 SDRAM Max 2 GB
      Hard Disk Drive 100GB
      Optical Drive: DVD+R Double Layer DVD RW
      Memory Stick: Duo Size slot, MagicGagte Compatible, Memory Stick PRO Compatable.

      wanted to know if i can fit the Adobe Production Studios onto my computer. if not, what is another good program that has the same features like Adobe and Apple’s Final Cut Pro?

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      Yes your new comp will run the production studio like a dream. The dual core proc will run nicely.

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      so, the whole Adobe Production Studio’s, as in CS2, After effects, etc will work all on my computer…??? if so, then thats just awesome!!!

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      To run the full Creative Suite Production Studio you’ll need 21 GB of open HD space plus 10 GB of space for caching. That’s 31 GB total.

      Hopefully your HD is spins at 7200 rpm. A lot of laptops only ship with HDs that spin at 5400 rpm which might cause some problems.

      Personally I wouldnt use a laptop for this package but thats me. Im kind of impatient and by not having two large and fast HDs, it would take too long for me to get anything done.


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      well i’m basically wanting to acheive that "movie" look. something you’d see in the threaters. so, thats why i was going HD. but, if i can still get that look with a DV camera, and my editing program, then i’ll go with that, and hopefully not have many problems. what are your opinions about that?

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      well, bottom line, i need to know what i need to get that movie look. i thought in the begening that the Sony FX1 HDV camera, and Adobe Production Studios would get me that look. but, after reading, that doesn’t seem to be the case. so, i really don’t know what to do equiptnment wize. so, any help will be great. i’d really love for Apple to make Final Cut Pro for windows. i’m not a fan of the mac computers, and so, thats why i think Adobe will be my best bet…so, help me out guys.

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