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      Anyone know of an editing program that can be used with minidisc camcorders?
      This VDR has no firewire port.

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      Since your camera has no firewire, you’ll need to capture your video through an analog to digital device. Either a analog to digital capture card, another camcorder with analog in and firewire out, or a breakout box for converting. In any case, the captured video can then be used by any editing application. I use Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 but lesser expensive applications are available.

      I guess I should have asked what format is the minidisc recording in? Depending on the format, I would think you could just put the disc in your computer DVD drive and read the file. Compressed files and editing can be done but often don’t work very well. Find out the recorded format and search for an editing application that supports that format. You won’t need a capture devive.

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      Minidisc? Uh… excuse my ignorance, but is that a mini-DVD disc that could be removed from the camcorder and placed in your computers DVD drive? πŸ˜• If so, the disc might contain MPEG2 or MPEG4 files, which many editing programs should be able to read.
      Then again, I’ve only worked with miniDV camcorders.
      Ken Hull

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      thats correct. minidvd.
      it records in mpeg2 format.
      thats why i got it. thinking it would be easier/smoother to deal with an editing program, since i want to exit the editing program in mpeg2 format anyways.

      i was just curious if anyone has done this. i didnt want to order the program or programs and find out its not gonna work, or be a decent quality…


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      Most editing programs allow you to download a free 30-day trial version of their software. I’ve used Sony Vegas professional software, and I was pretty sure it coud import MPEG2. I went to the Sony Vegas website, and found a page that compares various versions of Vegas. Look near the bottom of the page, where it shows all versions can both import and encode MPEG1 and 2. Here’s the link:
      If you click on the Downloads drop-down menu, you’ll find the Trials and Demos page:
      So copy an MPEG2 file from the mini-DVD to your hard drive; download and install some version of Vegas Movie Studio, then verify that the program can import your MPEG2 file.

      Good Luck! πŸ™‚
      Ken Hull

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      I would extract the data files and rename them to mp2 / mpg and then edit them in a NLE that supports such.

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      I was recently trying to retreive video clips from a DVD I made last year. I tried everything… software, hardware, etc. I was trying to avoid having to connect it with analog. It’s not that I couldn’t download it. It’s just that the video I retrieved was not usable in any of my NLE software titles. They all told me there was something wrong with the video.

      I finally found a program that worked.

      I recently bought a new DVD burner and the bundled software it came with was the Nero Suite. Fully functional.

      There is a program that allows me to extract the video from the DVD and I export it to the format of my choice. (I use AVI). The only draw back was that I had to sit through and wait for it to play the entire file so it could convert each frame.

      BUT… It worked … Finally!


      How is this relevent to you? THe format of my DVD and the DVD-Cams is the same. They produce the same disk.

      Anyway. Take a look at NERO Suite.

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      Thanks for the great info all.
      I will see what i can do. Downloading a demo (large file) really isnt in the cards for me. I have dialup out here in the country, and it cuts out often. πŸ™

      I was looking at pinnacle 10.7 titanium because it says it accepts many formats, "including the new consumer mini dvd cameras…. "

      But the word i get from many is that pinnacle sucks.

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      You would be correct in that assumption.

      1st. They don’t support their products (at least not as often as they should) and as soon as a new version of their software is released you will not be able to get any support for your version.

      2nd: If you can get Pinnacle to NOT crash on your system then more power to you. I got to the point where I would have to close and reopen the software every 5 minutes and reboot my computer at least once per hour. The only reason I put up with this at the time was because I was on a deadline.

      I have since gone to different software. I did Adobe Premeire Pro for a while (which also crashed on a very rare occasion) but now I am on a Mac and use the latest version of Final Cut Pro. It has been a god send. It never crashes and is very fast.

      For you I would try one of the Sony titles or possible one of the Adobe titles.



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      I just fired up my copy of Sony Vegas 7 (which is the pro version of Vegas). Under "Import" it has several choices, one of which is DVD Camcorder Disc. I wouldn’t be surprised if the consumer versions offer the same choice. Looking at the Vegas Movie Studio comparison chart,
      http://www.sonycreativesoftware.com/products/product.asp?PID=446&PageID=89 ,
      all 3 consumer versions of Vegas Movie Studio offer "Import directly from Sony DVD Camcorder". I suspect it would work with any brand of DVD camcorder, but it sure would be nice if you could test before you buy.

      Ken Hull

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