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      I recently purchased Pinnacle 10.5 Titanium to give it a try and so far I am very upset with it. For some reason it just doesn’t want to do what I want it to. I am not new to computer editing (although I was using a MAC before). For some reason whenever I capture there is no sound. ??? If I play the clip after I am done capturing it has sound but for some reason not during capture. Anyone else have this problem? I know it isnt the computer as my sound works and works during capture using other editing software. I’ve looked through the manual and the buttons and cant seem to find the answer (I am capturing from a DV cam) Also it seems even trying to get a menu or anything else is actually "complicated" from such an easy looking program. I’ve learned Pinnacle is a either you hate it or love it program and mine does tend to have the dreaded bugs talked about often with crashing.
      I wanted to get an all in one solution for capturing from my camera, editing into a video and authoring on a decent menu (not one of those pre made happy holidays ones) and burning to dvd.
      Any opinions on Vegas? I know that there are 2 seperate programs for editing and authoring but how hard is it to work?
      Also what are the main differences between Vegas 6 and the lower end costing versions like the Vegas Platinum ($80-$130)?
      I’ve heard bad things about Premier Pro 2.0 and have used it a little bit. Mostly for capturing. Seems very slow at doing anything and maybe a bit too complex to just try to learn without reading one of the many books made for it. The authoring portion for the DVD menus in it seems to be very limited and with the menus that I do not want to use.
      My computer is capable of running some great software and I would like to kind of watch the budget, but I’ve seen Vegas for a few hundred and if it is worth it I will look into it.
      I would love to find something that can do it all, can be somewhat simple to use while still having a good deal of features and be user friendly (and not crash) haha
      I am open to suggestions about other programs as well.

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      As a Pinnacle Studio user, I can tell you: there is no audio during capture. I’m not sure if it states this in the manual; I read in another book that this is normal behavior for Studio and is not a bug.

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      I use Pinnacle and it works perfectly for me. 🙂
      Try before you buy!!!
      Don’t knock a product if you don’t know how to use it.

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      Vegas is a very good program.

      The Studio version limits the number of tracks you can have in the timeline and other limited functions.

      The full version, which Version 7 is about to be released, is very good and very stable. I have yet to experience any program crashes, the program is not dependent on a high end graphics card as it is all processor driven. The community forums for vegas are very helpful, with many links to learning materials, examples, tutorials. You can download the full version and try it for 30 days. Sony’s website has a chart that breaks down the differences between products.

      DVD Architect is a good program, as with any new program, it takes a little time getting used to it’s workflow.


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      compusolver Wrote:

      Pinnacle has always been a buggy, difficult program with a deceptively simple user interface.

      I feel I must qualify what you say about Pinnacle [Studio]:

      It has been a buggy program FOR SOME PEOPLE. I have used version 8 and 9 Plus, and have never had problems. I have seen many posts in the Pinnacle forums from people who have made the same claim. Perhaps it is buggier for more people than other programs are, but nobody can convince me there’s a single program out there that runs without a flaw for everybody using it.

      "Difficult" program? Hardly. Studio is touted (and rightly so) as one of the easiest, user-friendly NLE applications out on the market. Unless, by difficult, you mean buggy. In which case go back to my previous statement.

      Which brings me to the question: what do you mean by "deceptively" simple? Personally, I see nothing deceptive about the simplicity of Studio.

      I will add here, as I have stated in previous posts, that I am NOT a professional videographer, and my editing is pretty much confined to "low level" non-critical videos (vacations, goof-offs, etc). So the features and abilities included in Studio are more than sufficient for my needs. And that’s the point. Why go with pro editing software if it’s not necessary, especially if an easy-to-use application like Studio works well enough and has enough bang for the money?

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      First, Pinnacle Studio from 7-10 has always been buggy. I have created many projects including DVD burning which have been fine. The underlying problems with Pinnacle center around "freeze ups" and crashes. }:-@

      I tried the initial offering of Adobe Premier Elements and found it to be harder to use and had fewer features 🙁 –no clip view only timeline. NOW I understand that the new bundle of Premier 3.0 and Photoshop 5.0 that both offer features closer to Pinnacle.

      Due to frustration I am ready to spend $119 for the new Adobe pkg. Does anyone else have a better alternative? 😕

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      About this time last year I used Pinnacle 9. I have to agree with Compusolver, it was a very easy program to master. However, the DVC 80 USB capture device it cam with did not capture audio. I got the device replaced and tried again. No audio. Tried it on a cousin’s computer. No audio. I was very disapointed with their capture device, but at $80, i guess it was good, since it bundled the capture and the program. Now I use an ADS capture device. Also, Pinnacle (rather unfairly) has many good transitions, effects, and sound effects, all ready for you. You simply have to put down thousands of dollars for the keys to unlock them!!!! The program would constantly crash while burning a Video CD on my computer with 256 RAM. I grew so disgusted that I just dropped the program. Plus, it was over 3 gigs to install.

      I got Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 last December. It wasn’t all that different from Pinnacle. Took me a month or so to learn, just from tinkering. There’s great tutorials for free out there. So last month I upgraded to Premiere Pro 2.0, got a new computer with a Pentium 3 Ghz processor w/ Hyper Threading Techonogy, and a gig of RAM. Everything is great now!
      You can also integrate Premiere with all of Adobe’s numerous other programs too. 😀

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