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      Iwant to add MPEG2 file created by other video editer (ULEAD) to the timeline in Premier Pro CS4, mix it with other AVI filesand then render everything into one new MPEG2 file. However, there isno sound in the”old” MPEG2 portion of the timeline and no sound in the same portion of the created file. Does it mean that I can not edit MPEG2 files in Adobe PP?

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      I would convert it to a standard avi file first then you should be fine.

      I I don’t have CS4, but that’s what you have to do with CS3.

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      Be sure to create DV-AVI, not just any AVI will do. Even Uncompressed AVI is better than most.

      In Ulead you should be able to choose Microsoft DV or Microsoft AVI making sure it is type 2 AVI not type 1.

      Otherwise you can convert the file to DV-AVI using a free program called MpegStreamclip

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      I converted this mpeg file in Adobe PP using EXPORT->MEDIA-> uncompressed Microsoft AVI – no luck, still there is no sound. Should I changhe presets of PP project?

      Will MpegStreamClip do the trick? Download is free, but it asks to buy something from Apple bofore starting to work.

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      Not buy anything from Apple, it requires a Quicktime Alternative, also free.

      Sounds like you might have a codec issue though, if that is the case MpegStreamclip won’t help.

      If no other answers here you can try at http://muvipix.com/phpBB3/

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      I’ve never had a problem rendering something from ULEAD VideoStudio 11.5 and dropping it into PCS3.

      So thell me this, if you see/hear an audio line sound in the ULEAD product before creating a file, AND you hear an audio line in the finished file, the ULEAD program must be OK. If you don’t get audio out from the ULEAD product then it is a setting in the ULEAD product. I render in 11.5 from SHARE>CREATE VIDEO FILE>DVD/VCD/SVCD/MPEG>and then I usually choose NTSC DVD 16:9.

      When I drop that into a timeline in PP CS3, I see and hear audio. If you see an audio line at this point, but don’t hear an audio line, then I would agree you have a codec problem and you should try a player OTHER THAN the default Windows media player.

      If you don’t hear, but you see, an audio line in PP, I’d render a short section to see if PP restores the files to something your player can work with.

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      Friend you need to convert your file to from other video editor to DV AVI or AVI so that you can be able to edit both filesin CS4. to convert it you can use nero 6 , 7 or 8 to convert to the format you like. or Intervideo.
      With nero: go to nero vision essentials then make movie-then browse for the media you want to convert- drag the media on timeline-then export. There you can select an export template. On this window you can do whatever you like if you want to change the from NTSC to PAL, Ratio, Size and Fps you can do. you can even do video or audi compression.

      I hope this one will also help.
      Thanks Ombeni<span style=”color: maroon;”></span>

Viewing 6 reply threads
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