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      Good Day,

      I’m going to attempt to word it so as the goal is clear…

      What steps might I perform in Adobe Premiere 6.5, to take a clip from the state of being a still framed clip that has been converted to black & white to having its color restored gradually-(keyframed?) and then once the clip is back to the original color, set the scene in motion again

      (I don’t mean moving the clip literally around so as to apply a motion path to it–I’m trying to say it from the viewer experience – basically paused black&white;unpaused in color)

      I hope I made some sense….

      Is this possible in Premiere 6.5?
      If so, what are the steps in general? (any detail would be very much appreciated–I’m no expert)

      Thanks any help is very much appreciated,


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      I’m not familiar with Premiere, but this is the general gist.
      Duplicate the still frame, only remove the Black and white effect, making it in color. Overlap the black and white clip with the color clip so the the B&W dissolves into the color. Adjust the dissolve to the length desired. Have the normal colored playing video clip next to the colored still and you’re done!

Viewing 1 reply thread
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