Editing HD multicam footage

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      now that i got some of your attention, i have been looking through the archive for anything talking about multi-cam editing with 1080p footage, i say 3 to 4 video sources. I am in the market for a low budget custom built computer that can have 3 1080p sources in multicam function ready to edit. i am using Sony Vegas Pro 9 for my editing. It works better for what i have done in the past with SD footage. it doesn’t matter on what the project is, average length is 2 hours of event footage each camera.

      1.) what are the minimum specs of the software so i can build a custom computer to get the job done at a low budget.

      2.) what is the best format (i.e. .m2ts, .mov, or others that i don’t know about) to use when editing the multicam footage to make the project to move faster. (the format all matters on what camera to purchase)

      3.) last, what are the other professionals on videomaker out there using computer wise, so i can get a great computer at a low price. (i.e. birdcat, composite1, EarlC)

      i think that’s it for now.

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