Editing HD in Real Time?

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      Hi Folks,

      I just found Videomaker magazine for the first time today and of course that led me to thse forums. This is my first post here. Hi!! πŸ˜€ I hope I posted this in the right place.

      I have a question about editing HD video in real time. I have a Sony HDR-HC1 HD video camera and Final Cut Studio (latest version) on a dual 2GHz G5 Mac with Tiger (latest) and 4.5GB of RAM. I recently made my first ever HD video short – a corporate video, 6 minutes long with lots of transitions, a handful of Motion constructs and a whole bunch of Live Type stuff.

      The main problem I had was that although I could scrub the video/sound sequence in the timeline (in Final Cut Pro) and see the rough results in the monitor window, I couldn’t see any of my edits without first rendering the video (all the changed parts). This took an inordinate amount of time. I was led to believe that FCP would be able to do this in real time. What did I do wrong? Is my (first generation) dual 2GHz G5 Mac too slow for real time HD editing? Do you think I may have a system setting wrong (RAM allocation?)? Any ideas, or is it meant to work like this.

      Of course, Motion was equally as slow. Also, in Live Type I basically had to output a movie file in order to see the results. All in all, not a very productive way of working. It took me about 50 hours to produce 6 minutes of (quality) HD video (and another 20 or so to write and record some original background music). Is 500 minutes work per output minute that good? I have nothing to compare with, but it doesn’t seem that good to me. This includes encoding in Compressor time too (probably about 10 hours overall).

      Do I need to go buy a super-duper new quad 2.5GHz core Power Mac G5 machine? Will that even be enough to do HD in real time?

      Any comments/ideas welcome.


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      Hello!!!??? Is this thing on? Anyone there? Anyone care? Are you all up and running full HD editing software and I’m the only one having issues?

      Talk to me…..

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      Good to hear that you’ve taken the initiative. Your computer setup is capable of editing real time HD.

      …I am in FCP right now. Make sure to enable Unlimited RT, under your sequence tab on left-hand side of the timeline. Also, you may want to check “Dynamic” for Playback Video Quality. And while we’re at it, make sure your processors are running on full juice– in System Preferences in the dock, click on the Energy Saver-> Options -> Processor Performance. Make sure it’s at the Highest setting. Sometimes I change this setting to “Automatic” when I’m doing less intensive things, like forum surfing.


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      Thanks Andrew, most helpful. I checked all the settings and found that I did not have real time set to “unlimited”. All the other things I had set correctly. I will try some more HD editing this weekend and see how it goes.

      Dave F.

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