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      I am new to all of this. I am putting together a half hour show (Adventure Racing ). I am not sure how long it should be exactly to get on the air. I am not sure how long between stop breaks, etc. I am getting all sorts of answers on this from people but they are all different. Is there a format for breaks etc to make it more likely to get aired?

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      I think itdepends on what channel it is going to air…

      I picked this up from the Outdoor channel.

      2006 Pilot Submission Process Outdoor Channel

      Thank you for your interest in The Outdoor Channel. We are currently planning for 2006. All new shows must go through the submission process, which takes approximately four weeks, please follow our Technical Requirements (see below) when submitting your pilot for consideration. Once approved, you may negotiate for a time slot based on market conditions and availability. At that point, only a signed contract and deposit will guarantee time slots. Please submit your Pilot to Wade Sherman, The Outdoor Channel, 43445 Business Park Drive Suite 103, Temecula, CA 92590

      Rate Card

      Our current rate card is $1,400/ ad minute. We allow producers to purchase a minimum of 2 minutes and a maximum of five minutes of the six available ad minutes, at the following rates.
      Producers receive three airings per week for the fee which consists of one prime airing, (Mon Sun 7PM-11PM, or Sat-Sun 9AM-11PM) and two bonus airings TBA.

      2 Minutes = $2,800
      3 Minutes = $4,200
      4 Minutes = $5,600
      5 Minutes = $7,000


      Programming must be shot and edited on professional equipment providing audio and video that meets or exceeds the broadcast standard of Beta SP format videotape. Example: Digital S, Digital Betacam, Betacam SX. DVCPRO and DVCAM formats are also acceptable, MUST BE TRANSFERRED AND SUBMITTED ON BETA.

      All shows must be sub-mastered onto Betacam SP metal stock-BCT 30ML tapes. Large shell tapes are required.

      Limit (1) show per tape.

      Audio on all tapes must be on CHANNEL 2 ONLY. (No audio on channel 1)

      All shows must have a minimum of 30 seconds of bars & tone, a slate and a countdown. The slate must include the following: show title, show #, date, show duration, and show subject.

      All shows must be numbered and labeled (including show subject) on the tape cover as well as on the tape itself.


      Total run time of program must be exactly 28:30. Format includes six minutes of commercial time. Show will contain three advertising breaks of two minutes and two seconds each as evenly distributed as possible, with the first break occurring no sooner than six minutes into the program

      Audio levels must be consistent throughout the show and peak at 0 VU.

      Video levels must be consistent throughout the show. (please use color bars as reference)

      All shows must contain commercial logs showing local commercial avails.

      All sub-masters should be blacked until the very end of the tape.

      Please do not burn-in TV rating (TVG, TVPG); TOC will place ratings for all programs.

      Bottom right corner must be free of graphics at all times.<!–QuoteEnd–>

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      Thanks this is a huge help. It gives me starting point/ template to work from.

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