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Someone gave me a Sony DCR DVD308 handycam. (I guess to go w/ my two DV-CAMs) I'm trying to determine if there is a way to edit the files from the mini DVDs in Pinnacle Studio. It seems to be a file format no one else uses. Anyone have any helpful input?



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Well Terry, Pinnacle lists non-encrypted DVD titles "(incl. DVD-VR/+VR)" as an import type, so if that doesn't work then the camera also gives you options with S-Video playback, if you are able to monitor your capture with a DVD-playing monitor.

Otherwise, the USB option isn't likely to work well. I can't say I 've tried Pinnacle (which is has been changed to Avid Studio - no loss there) or to edit footage from DVDs, but let us know a little more about how you want to output your video and hopefully we can be of assistance.

Also, be careful, there are mini discs (smaller in physical size than DVDs and very few people use those) but it sounds like you were looking to combine footage from a re-writable DVD and MiniDV. Hopefully this all stays clear to you, thanks!

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Terry: unless I misread the specs, the camera records mpg2 files, a pretty common file format, to the DVDs. I don't use Pinnacle, so don't know whether that NLE will import mpg2 files.

It it can't handle mpg2 files, download a program called Super, which converts virtually any file format to any other format of your choosing. See what formats Pinnacle will import and change the camera files to whatever is appropriate. Super isn't difficult to use and does an excellent conversion.