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      The man in my video is wearing a light tan suit with a criss cross pattern and everytime he moves the camera freaks out and his jacket becomes alive as he speaks is there a video filter in final cut pro that will eliminate this frenzy pattern and keep the pattern on his jacket still as he moves?

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      I know what you mean, but no. no filters will fix this. As far as I know, you are stuck with it. you just have to remember to tell your talent not to wear clothing with fine-detail designs on it in the future. and while we’re on the topic, avoid highly saturated colored clothing as well. Bright red will bleed.

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      Yeah, dont think you’ll be able to do much about this. You could try putting a blur on the image… really slight (0.1 – 0.5. It might stope the strobe effect.

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      I’m lucky and never had this problem yet. Maybe the anti flicker filter in FC would work. It worked for me on still pictures which had a Ken Burn effect. Maybe it could work. Good luck.

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      all you can do for moire is blur it. Whoever shot him should not have let him wear that jacket.

      It’s amazing how so many will still wear this stuff for tv… I even see occasional new anchors and think how the heck did they make it through prompter monkey school and never hear not to wear small lines?

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