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      I have some cheesy cameraslike the Brinno Garden Cam and several Wildview Game/Trail cameras. They produce some interesting footage for me that I’d like to be able to use.

      The Wildviews are .avi files, usually around 50MB or less, 640×480, 29 frames per second, data rate of 1853 kbps, total bitrate of 2206 kbps.

      The Brinno records time lapse (one picture at a time) and makes an .avi file out of it. They range from 5 to 20 MB each. Windows doesn’t show any specs beyond that for those files.

      Both files play fine in Windows Media Player.

      Neither of these cameras record any sound. According the file properties in Windows, though, the Wildview footage has audio bit rate of 352 kbps.

      In Premiere Pro, I started a DV project, and I takeseveral clips from the Brinno and drag them into the timeline. It will preview them for a couple of seconds, then the frames either freeze, or it will play 2/3 of the way through and skip back to an earlier frame. Similar results for the Wildview footage. The rendered product shows one “frame” or picture for a few seconds, then a later picture for the Brinno (it’s missing 99% of the video). The Wildview shows pretty fluid results, but then the rendered product skips around, too, just as it did in the preview.

      I’ve edited both in Pinnacle Studio 12 Ultimate by dragging them into the timeline and rendering them. The preview is fine and the rendered output is fine, outputting to an MPEG-2 file.

      My specs shouldn’t be a problem. I have a Quad Core PC with 8 GB RAM, 1 GB video card, etc. I edit HD footage too and the overall product is fine.

      Any ideas?

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      I uploaded a test video to illustrate the problem. The video contains a render in Pinnacle, followed by a render in Premiere Pro, both re-rendered with titles in Pinnacle.

      I’m able to put effects on the clip in Pinnacle. Can’t even get it topreview correctlyin Premiere Pro.

      I note the clip length in Premiere Pro is even inaccurate. It doesn’t even show the entire clip (it’s as if it’s playing slower, and therefore beocmesa “longer” clip).


      I hope the clip works. That, too, is an experiment. It’s Youtube’s new “unlisted” feature–supposedly, the video won’t show up in my Uploads and won’t show up in search results but will show up if you click the link. We’ll see.

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      I’m posting this here to keep this thread updated. I think the problem is with codecs. I came across this article:


      To test it, I used Adobe Media Encoder to encode various AVI files I was having trouble with. AVI is the “wrapper” but not the codec, so that explains why some work but some don’t. Adobe PP doesn’t have the codecs to handle all these different formats, I’m betting. After encoding them, I am able to work with them in Premiere Pro (depending on what presets I use in Adobe Media Encoder–some produce good results for PP and some don’t).

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      AvatarDaniel Bruns

      If you want to make sure that an unsupported codec is your issue, then download VLC (an incredibly versatile open source media player), install it, and restart your system (if it asks you to). Then open your problem video file using VLC. Once it is open, go to Tools>Codec Information and write down what it tells you the codec is. Then, open a file that plays well in Premiere Pro and using VLC, go to Tools>Codec Information and write down that codec as well. If they are two different codecs, then you’ll know that it was the codec from the problem video file that is giving you trouble, and you can purchase that codec online for Premiere. If they are the same codecs, then it must be another thing entirely. If that is the case, reinstalling Premiere might be your best bet. However, there is an amazing website put up by people who have had codec issues with Premiere in the past that has all sorts of good information about where to find free codecs and what software to use to find the codec that an avi or mov is using. Click on the link above to check it out. Hopefully this helps!

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      The problem is that video files have been overloaded to contain different sorts of data, which is very annoying and now it’s almost impossible to support them all.

      There is a tutorial talks about the AVI to Adobe Premiere Pro incompatible issues:


      You can have a look and get your problem resolved.

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