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      Hi all,

      Finally came on line to check out the forums here. Long time reader of the mag. I am an intermediate Videographer with 3 years experience.I was hoping you guys could give me some creative ideas for a situation i have.

      I shot wedding for a friend, all went great except the photographer! It was like a hockey game , She kept pushing her way in front of me, She stood in front of my stationary cam for half the ceremony. Almost every shot i was getting she managed to be in.The ceremony is the problem. The reception i was able to edit her out nicely.I could use a garbage matte, but what would i do with her?

      What method would anyone here use to edit this? Thanks in advance for the help.


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      you could offer to collaborate….get your client on board.

      if your client gets permission to use the photos in your video for you, you could do a Ken Burns style pan/zoom over the still images.

      It stands to reason, that the stills could fill in the points where you got nothing on the video.

      I’m only suggesting this, cause I shoot video and stills on my projects, and it works for me.

      I also use detial shots (Flowers, rings, etc, close ups of faces, hands, dress, etc) to mix in the video for interest.

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      If I wanted to get rid of somebody:

      During shooting: I’d either step in front of her, raise or move the cameraor tell her straight I know 5 martial arts and I’m not afraid to use them. it wouldn’t be so much “hitting a girl”, as “accidently karate chopping herhard enough to knock herout cold”. (ok, i’m kidding)

      During Postproduction: I’d cut out footage with her in it as much as possible and for the rest, try doing a fit-to-shape mask in Adobe After Effects or Photoshop CS3 Extended.

      If I want somebody out, they don’t stay in, unless a shot they’re in has good composition otherwise and they don’t move around the shot for a bit.

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      Thanks for the replies.

      Don.. I spoke to the clients already about the pics earlier and they were fine with handing them over.Being their photog ruined the shots they shouldnt have a problem with it.I was trying to keep the video straight through, but thats not going to happen. The pics and cutaways and will work great. Then , for the spots where she is to the right or left ill just garbage matte her out as Chris said.


      LOL. I would have loved to karate chop her. I guess the cross between my Marine training and good ole Moms rule helped me keep my cool.Everytime i watch it i do get more pissed off. But its life. It will improve my skills as an editor. Next time i will have a nice sitdown with the photog before anything starts. This way we are on same page.

      If i use a matte to take her out of say the right side of shot, What would be the best effect to use on the outside of matte, Since the Bride and Groom will be centered?

      I could pixelate or blur her but it would look like some one from the witness protection program. lol. NAH!

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      Best to resolve this BEFORE it happens (there will be a next time…I’ve been a pro photog for twenty years..Why do you think I took up videography?).

      Get your client togther with you and the photog, for coffee and make sure you point out that the two of you together will get better results for the client if you play nice.

      1, It’s easier for the photog to photoshop two or three images than for you to fix an hours worth of video.

      2, if you have wireless mics, (and you should) the photogs clicks won’t matter. A photo shooting over your shoulder is a good compromise.

      3, the photogs flash, and clicks do make great references when lining up cutaways between A and B roll video cameras.

      4, ask the photog to get in shoot and sit down/get out, of your shot.

      5, the clent has to accept that the staff will be in and out of the video, at various points.

      6. the photog can re-shoot at the end of the ceremony, and should recognize that you can’t.

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      Very Good Points Don. The Sit down beforehand will definately be arranged. Thanks for the tips.

      I bought my wireless the day i got my first pd170. Thats a must. But watch out for the cell phones around them. I ask the party near to shut them off.

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